It is not uncommon to feel disconnected from yourself, from life, and from others. Panic, anxiety, depression, confusion, loss, overwhelm, numbness—these can feel like powerful forces separating you from the vibrant and productive life you imagine is possible.

As a psychotherapist, I specialize in helping people of all ages navigate their path to emotional balance, cognitive clarity, joyful energy, and sense of purpose. I will help you resolve and move forward through life's startling events, life-stage transitions, losses, and traumas.Together, we can face the distress and restore your inner life in a way that brings you home to your Self.

How to contact me
By phone: (310) 403-3739. By email: lori@loririchardscounseling.com
  • Broken-Open Spaces

    February 6, 2015

    When the words “find your way back home to yourself” came to me, I had no idea how accurately this was a foretelling of the journey ahead in my personal coming-into-being. Finding my way to authenticity and wholeness is a demanding pursuit. It has broken me open and begun to teach me about the marriage […]