About Lori

I have always connected to the world through my listening. Listening is more than engagement with audible sounds and words. Listening is the full body receptivity and perception of feeling, content, metaphor, wisdom, and meaning. Like surrendering into a favorite piece of music, full body listening can elicit profound movement in the mind/body/spirit, the psyche.

My therapeutic practice is grounded in the power of attentive listening to open a connection with the parts of self that have been buried, denied, injured– and to the parts of self that hold passion and power. Not power-over, but power-from-within that funds momentum, purpose, intimacy, clarity, healthy boundaries, and core fulfillment.

I am a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute. My clinical internship was at The Maple Counseling Center. I have extensive experience in guiding women and adolescents through challenges and change.

I am in awe each time I witness our native human power to heal and grow, and with each experience of the bittersweet beauty of coming home to the Self.