Children & Adolescents

The world of imagination provides the playground for expression, discovery, and growth in children. I bring my extensive background in the arts and child-centered education to my play-based strategies with children. Entering a child’s world through story, games, creative dramatics, visual arts, and music, I help children give voice to their inner themes and work through their difficulties.

Adolescence can be a volatile and dark passage into selfhood. It is a time of separation and rebellion, a time of searching and self-defining. Idols fall, fantasies evaporate, sexuality intoxicates, achievement demands, meaning is questioned, primal anger surfaces.

The collective cultural values of our time are not resources for balance, perspective, contextual wisdom, or safety in this passage to adulthood.  The daughters of the digital age are coming into womanhood in a culture that is severed from the instinctive feminine connection to seasonal time, empathic receptivity, and the intuition that lives in the body. Today’s feminine youth are pioneering the new-world womanhood and their legacy will no doubt be astounding. However, the loss of their instinctive connection with self, the body, and inward listening skills, heightens the dangers faced at the precarious crossroads of adolescence. Working with adolescents, I am a mentor, a guide, and an unwavering companion.