Council: Growing Joy and Connectivity

I am a trainer and facilitator of Council through the Ojai Foundation.

Council is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart in an atmosphere of trust, non-judgment, joy, and respect. Council can be playful, profound, non-verbal, story-filled — Council allows all manner of ways that people can share their truth in the moment, and be fully heard. I have developed ways to utilize the practice of Council¬† to honor, celebrate, and/or create unique traditions that bind the heart and spirit of your family. Trouble at home and school compels families to address problems within the family structure. During the difficult working-through of problems , it is equally important to pay attention to building positive family interactions, feelings, and connections.¬† I utilize Council to empower families to bring joy, communication, and deep connection into the infrastructure of family life. My Family Council services are offered as an adjunct to family counseling and couples counseling. I also offer Council services as a stand-alone program. Grow joy and connectivity!