My practice is based in Depth Psychology and Psychodynamic methods. In Psychodynamic work, I am your companion, listening deeply and fully without judgment, on a path of feeling, facing, and finding your own way through growth and change. Therapy demands your courage. I can go on this journey with you, at your pace, toward your truths. In Psychodynamic work, our relationship is the rich environment for your discovery, self-facing reflection, release, and restoration. I use an eclectic approach to meet each client’s unique needs and ways of connecting to their personal work. This can include cognitive and skill-based strategies as well as dream work, artistic expression, and deep emotional exploration through talking and listening.

Some therapeutic methods start with the mind and focus on the ways that thoughts cause emotional distress.  This type of therapy explores your patterns of thought and teaches the skills to replace negative patterns with positive ones. Other therapeutic models begin with deep feelings, family history, and the unconscious, to find the roots of emotional and psychological distress. This type of therapy focuses on exploring emotions, relationships, the imagination, and your personal meaning for what is happening. This Depth Psychological (Jungian) perspective regards that the mind, body, and soul, are connected in an expressive and self-balancing system, the psyche, which is naturally compelled toward wholeness. In this view, psychological symptoms are regarded as a voice inviting one to move toward a truer Self.